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By webmaster - Posted on 28 December 2014

 International training stage 2015.

Wishing you a wonderful and safe competition season, we are looking forward to meet you all again in Belluno. 

As promised last year: we will do it again, accuracy only.

Our plane has a new engine, so if we have favorable meteo, we can accumulate quite a few jumps!

After arriving in the weekend 18/19 April we can use week 17 and 18 until Thursday 30th April inclusive.

Please register yourself for participating in this training stage by sending an email to telling when and how long you want to be with us.

Your participation will be confirmed after receiving your mail.



Dolomiti Cup 2015.

Practical (Friday 1st is a holiday) and economical ( availability of enough airlift capacity) reasons did make us change the dates of the Dolomiti Cup in 2015.

The competition is planned from Friday 1st May 0900 hours till Sunday May 3rd max 1200 hrs. If finishing the competition is possible on Saturday 2nd May, we will do so.

For more info, cost, lodging , registering ,etc. see elsewhere on this site.