NEW CANOPY for Belluno Skydivers school

 Many and many thanks for our sponsor Paragear Equipment who gave us two new canopy for our school.

DOLOMITI CUP 2023 - Belluno (Italy) - info

PROGRAM UPDATE 26/04/2023: We wish to inform all competitors registered for the DOLOMITI CUP 2023 that dinner on Saturday evening will be brought forward to Friday 05 May at 19.30. 

Dear all,

DOLOMITI CUP 2023 FAI event of 2 category -  date: 06-07 MAY 2023 - Location Belluno airport (Italy)

World Cup Series 2022 - 33th Belluno Trophy

 We inform you that the training jumps before the WORLD CUP will be carried out with the EC 135 helicopter of the company Eli Friulia. The start will be from Monday 08/08/2022 to Thursday 11/08/2022.

Many thanks for Eli Friulia company for theyr collaboration and support.

World Cup Series 2022 - 33th Belluno Trophy - The T-Shirts

gift from our organization for all participants or you can buy it for friends

13 Dolomiti Cup 28-29 May 2022

 This 13 edition has also been archived with 18 teams present and 7 valid rounds. As organizers, after a week with a nice temperature and lots of training jumps we found ourselves managing a competition with weather conditions that couldn't be worse. Fortunately, the Eli Friulia with its EC 135 helicopter had made available to us some very good pilots who gave their all so that we could carry out all the jumps in the program.