WORLD CUP Series 2021 - Belluno Trophy

 Thanks to all those who are vaccinating, the Pandemic situation is becoming increasingly weaker and our sport is ready for a great restart - 32th Belluno Trophy - World Cup 2021 - it's ready


 Dear all,

Atletes from different nations asked us to organize a possibility for training before the World Cup competition 2021 in Belluno. We will honor their request!

As it looks now, we will host jumpers from Dubai, Europe, USA.

DOLOMITI CUP 2021 - Start training jumps and Covid restriction

DOLOMITI CUP 2021 again, from Sunday 16 May start the training jumps and 22-23 competition.

We remind you that due to the Covid situation, training and competition will be closed to the public.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory for everyone at all times in the venue and in the plane

Respect distancing



 Stage e Dolomiti Cup 2021

WORLD CUP 2020 - Belluno (Italy) - Training jumps

 We welcome everyone to make training jumps, starting Saturday 03-10-2020 until the start of the competition. If you are interested to start before that or need extra information: please contact us! or

Best Regards

Corrado Marchet

WORLD CUP Belluno (Italy) 09-10-11 October - Covid comunication

 ALL TEAMS AND COMPETITORS registered for the World Cup in Belluno (Italy) scheduled for 09-10-11 October are authorized by the Ministry of Health to participate.

Those teams and competitors who require Covid documentation for their flight or arrival on the Italian territory are requested to contact me :