DOLOMITI CUP 2020 international training - Belluno (Italy)

 The 2020 dates are: training from 6th April till 17th April, Dolomiti Cup 18th and 19th April.

DOLOMITI CUP 2020 - Belluno 18-19 April 2020 - Take a note

 Take note of this date for next year - DOLOMITI CUP 2020 - 18-19 April 2020 -Belluno airport - and now stay tuned for the dates of training jumps

WORLD CUP 2019 - Belluno 09-10-11 August - Classifications after 8th rounds

The competition is finished with all the program, now you have the results after 8th rounds




WORLD CUP 2019 - Belluno (ITALY) 09-10-11 August - Request training

 Atletes from different nations asked us to organize a possibility for training before the World Cup competition 2019 in Belluno. We will honor their request.

DOLOMITI CUP 2019 - Belluno 27-28 Aprile 2019

 La prima gara stagionale si è oggi conclusa all'aeroporto di Belluno. Diciassette i team partecipanti in rappresentanza di dieci Nazioni.

DOLOMITI CUP 2019 and training camp

 The 2019 dates are: training from13th April till 26th April, Dolomiti Cup 27th and 28th April.


 The 2018 dates are: training from 28th  April - to 4th May, Dolomiti Cup 5th and 6th May.


WORLD CUP 2018 - Round Belluno (Italy) 27-28-29 July - The Entry Forms are closed

Dear athletes, Dear friends, following the many requests we are forced to close the registrations in advance because  also this year we have reached the maximum ceiling of registered teams. We apologize in advance if anyone is excluded from the event, but if we accept all the requests we will be at risk of not finishing the competition.

For any questions please writhe to: